Peguis Housing Authority

NOTICE: To all Peguis First Nation Community Members on-reserve:

The Peguis Housing Authority (PHA) is nearing the completion of the Diverter Project of installing pressurized sump pump and diverter systems to prevent unnecessary water damages to crawl spaces/basements.

If you have not received this upgrade, please contact the PHA Office at 204-645-5640 to book an appointment AFTER HOURS if you are unavailable during the day.

Thank you,

William Sutherland, Director of Housing

NOTICE: Reminders to Homeowners:

  • Replace furnace filters once a month
  • Clean HRV filters and clean screens on outside vents once a month

PHA Staff

Director of Housing, William Sutherland
Housing Assistant, Sheri Daniels
Community Liaison, Pauline Robinson
Housing Advisor, Daphne Sinclair
Environment Officer, Keith Bird
Administrative Assistant, Meagan Spence
Darrel Sutherland, Maintenance Complex Manager

PHA Board Members

Josephine Bear, Chair
Greg Sinclair, Co-Chair
Mabel Morin, Member
Aldona Stevenson, Member
Tamara Hudson, Member


P.O. Box 837
Peguis, Manitoba
R0C 3J0
Phone: (204) 645-2359
Fax: (204) 645-2442

Maintenance Line for repairs, septic services and emergencies: (204) 645-5640

Mon-Fri | 9:00am – 5:00pm