Peguis Reserve Initiates Drug Education

The goals and objectives of KI DE NI MOWIN are to promote healthy drug-free and addictive-free lifestyles and to educate the youth in an effort to prevent them from becoming involved in behaviors that may put them at risk for addiction.

The KI DE NI MOWIN philosophy is based on the following principles:
• All youth deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential without alcohol or drugs.
• Youth are capable people who, with proper guidance and direction, can become capable leaders.
• Peer-to-peer prevention strategies can reduce the use of alcohol and other drugs.
• The prevention of alcohol and other drug use is the responsibility of all members of the community.

The KI DE NI MOWIN goal for students is to help others be drug-free through example, education and leadership.

Membership in KI DE NI MOWIN will help students to:

• Develop peer pressure resistance skills.
• Develop leadership qualities.
• Make low risk decisions.
• Create effective prevention initiatives, which will impact community alcohol and other drug use problems.
• Initiate drug-free activities for school and community.
• Promote caring and compassion among all students.
• Promote the motto “Drug-free Youth Leading the Way”.

It is not just good enough to tell the youth to abstain from using drugs and alcohol, we must be instrumental in offering opportunities for them to socialize and develop into responsible adults. Our own KI DE NI MOWIN gatherings can be an alternative.

Peguis Central School holds KI DE NI MOWIN gatherings every Tuesday after school. We have a 4:30 p.m. ‘after school to take the students home. This allows for equal opportunity participation. Our group contains over 150 students – so we have split them into 5 groups. We have teachers and teacher assistants supervise the activities. This makes the groups more manageable.  
To Hold an after – school KI DE NI MOWIN Meeting, we, at PCS, do the following:
• Get a KI DE NI MOWIN team of teachers who will be committee members. Include administration.
• Hold committee meeting to decide when the KI DE NI MOWIN meetings will occur.
• Sign-up sheets for students.
• Assign students to groups.
• Meetings are 1 hour in length. There are 2 supervisors and 1-2 KI DE NI MOWIN Advisors per meeting. The KI DE NI MOWIN Advisors take attendance. The Supervisors who are in charge of each group for that meeting conduct the activities.
• Clean up after the activities.
• Get on buses and go home.

What the students have to do…
• Sign up for KI DE NI MOWIN meetings & get parental approval form signed (KI DE NI MOWIN Contract).
• Agree to abstain from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and to lead a healthy lifestyle.
• Attend regular after-school KI DE NI MOWIN meetings.
• Demonstrate respect for themselves, others, and school property.

KI DE NI MOWIN members are trained to use positive peer power, effective communication activities, and low risk decision-making skills to actively influence their peers.

KI DE NI MOWIN club is structured to build student planning and organizational skills. This structure ensures an easy transition from year to year.

KI DE NI MOWIN members use some of the following methods to spread drug-free messages:
• Sports in the gym.
• Essay question – What KI DE NI MOWIN means to me.
• Making posters, banners and badges about abstaining from addictive substances.
• Guest speakers – Police officers talking about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.
• Viewing “Say NO to Drugs” videos and discussions among students.
• Dances and fund-raising activities to raise money to attend the annual KI DE NI MOWIN Conference in Winnipeg.
• Enacting plays with the message of healthy life styles.
• Crafts.
• Problem solving – group discussions.

Other notes:
• You can tie your students’ weekly meeting attendance to their attendance at the Winnipeg KI DE NI MOWIN conference.
• Students must be in Grade 4 -12 in order to participate.
• Ensure the students have FUN!
• Promote a healthy lifestyle free of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes!




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