Director of Recreation


(Full Time Position)


The Director of Recreation will be responsible for the management and supervision of the offices, programs and services of the Peguis First Nation Recreation Department, and will work with Recreation Board & partners to ensure that the sport, recreation, leisure and cultural needs and interests of Peguis First Nation residents/employees are met. The Director of Recreation will work to increase community / employee participation, as well as visibility within the community / organization by raising awareness of programs and activities offered. Work duties fall under the following categories: administration; financial management; planning; program and special event coordination, human resource development; communication; and community recreation development.

Job Duties

• Daily operation of the recreation offices (reports, filing, correspondence, banking, supplies, computer maintenance, etc.)
• Carry out plans, programs and activities determined by the Recreation Board
• Implement policies and procedures established by the Recreation Board
• Supervises, directs, coordinates and evaluates recreation personnel in a respectful, supportive, harassment free work environment.
• Holds quarterly recreation personnel team meetings to promote and enhance communication, expectations, and departmental updates
• Ensures that all federal, provincial and municipal laws, policies and procedures related to parks and recreational services are adhered to
• Establishes and maintains Risk Management Plans for the Recreation Department, facilities, parks, programs and events
• Maintain ongoing communication with public and partners (phone/email/fax)
• Assist with annual budgeting processes
• Manage revenues and expenses in accordance with budget and board policies
• Coordinate a yearly audit with board approved financial service organization
• Apply for operating and project grants
• Solicit donations and conduct fundraising opportunities as required
• Budgeting for programs and events (i.e. registration fee, supplies, instructor fee, promotion, facility rental, etc.)
• Computer bookkeeping and monthly financial reports
• Ongoing financial administration duties including deposits, bill payments, and receipts
• Conduct community / employee needs assessments and other forms of data collection periodically to determine recreation needs/gaps/trends, etc.
• Develop strategic (3-5 year) and annual plans with the Peguis Recreation Board
• Develop an annual operating budget with the Peguis Recreation Board
• Plan seasonal recreation program/event schedules that meet the needs and interests of the demographics
• Coordinate program/event logistics (i.e. booking facilities, instructor coordination, scheduling, etc.)
• Program/event registration (financial duties and program lists)
• Program/event promotion (brochures, posters, newspaper, web sites, radio, etc.)
• Implement and/or supervise programs/events as required
• Evaluate programs/event and make recommendations for future of programs
• Introduce new program ideas and special events
• Recruit, train, supervise and evaluate volunteers and program leaders as needed
• Support recreation programs and special events of community groups
• Identify development needs of program leaders, board members, volunteers and recreation staff
• Promote and encourage leadership/professional development opportunities available to the community / organization
• Identify and encourage new local program leaders and volunteers of all ages
• Recruit, train, supervise and evaluate staff and volunteers as required
• Utilize local program leaders wherever possible
• Orient new board members to the activities and operations of the board
• Pursue personal professional development opportunities that will increase job effectiveness
• Promote the Recreation Department and its programs/services through various means of written and oral communication (brochure, news articles, web site, personal contact, presentations, meetings, etc)
• Develop and maintain working relationships and regular communication with public, private and community groups providing recreation activities and services
• Continually inform the Board and district recreation groups about available recreation programs and services (regional/provincial/ national)
• Provide monthly reports to the Peguis Recreation Board (financial reports, staff report, upcoming programs/events, program attendance stats, etc.)
• Meet as required to present the Recreation Department Annual Report and current/future plans
• Promote the benefits of participation in recreation and physical activity through various means of written and oral communication


• Degree or Diploma (or other related disciplines combined with experience) from a recognized university or college in Recreation Administration / Management or a related field.
• Minimum of 5 years experience in Municipal or Regional Recreation Administration, human resources management, facility operation and public relations.
• Current CPR and Basic First Aid qualifications.
• Valid Drivers License.
• Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Registry Check is required.
• Software System Administrator experience preferred.
• WHMIS training certification preferred.
• Arena Management certification and/or education preferred.
• Playground Safety certification and/or education preferred.
• Parks Management and/or education preferred.
• Strong working knowledge of the following:
• Recreation programs
• General business practices and theories
• Principles of marketing
• Budget management
• Employee labour relations
• Personnel management
• Loss prevention techniques
• Risk management
• Proven planning, managing, organizational and implementation skills.
• Proven leadership, team and personnel development and relationship building skills.
• Sound knowledge of the policies, procedures, principles and practices involved in the municipal administration of community services.
• Sound knowledge of recreation, parks and culture industry standards, trends and developments.
• Proven interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
• Proven recreation related programming and event planning.
• Analytical skills to research, plan and evaluate department services.
• Proven change and transition skills.
• Advanced conflict resolution skills.
• Proven track record in maintaining professional development and upgrading skill sets and expertise.
• Computer skills using Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Please submit a cover letter, resume and three references to:
Attention: Gerald McCorrister / Human Resource Manager
Peguis First Nation
P.O. Box 10
Peguis, MB.
R0C 3J0

Closing Date for Submissions: October 15TH, 2018

*Only eligible applicants will be contacted for an interview.


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